dB Technologies EME ONE

EME One is a new concept wireless In Ear Monitor system by dBTechnologies and the name is acronym of Ear Monitor Evolution One. The actual worldwide radio frequency scenario in UHF band is extremely crowded and complex for all wireless microphone and IEM (In Ear Monitor) users, because the same frequencies are shared with Digital […]

dB Technologies ES503

Acoustic Specifications Frequency Response -10 dB: 37 to 15000 Hz, Maximum SPL 121 dB, Driver Size Medium to High Frequency: 8 x 3.0″ (7.6 cm), Neodymium drivers, Low Frequency: 1 x 12.0″ (30.5 cm), Directivity 95 x 65°, Amplifier, Technology Digipro G3, Class Class D, Power Amp 1000 W, Controls 1x OLED display plus rotative […]

dB Technologies ES 802

Acoustical Frequency Response 37 to 15,000 Hz (-10 dB) Maximum SPL 124 dB Type MF-HF: 8x 3″, Neodymium LF Detail 1 x 12″ Directivity 95 x 65° Amplifier Amplifier Technology Digipro G3 Amplifier Class Class-D Power Amp 1200 W Controls 1 x rotary (presets), 1 x audio signal monitoring LED, 1 x audio limiter LED […]

Soundcraft Signature 22 Multi-Track

24-in/22-out ultra-low latency USB playback and recording interface*, Iconic Soundcraft® Ghost mic preamps with ultra-low noise performance, Renowned Soundcraft® Sapphyre British EQ with sweepable mid-bands per channel, Lexicon® Effects Engine featuring award-winning Reverbs, Delays, Choruses and Modulations, dbx® Limiters (High-ratio Compressors) on input channels, Switchable Hi-Z inputs for guitars, basses and other Channels -22, 2. […]